As anyone who has attended a corporate event knows, a company’s “swag”—or promotional items—can make an event twice as memorable. Your primary goals, naturally, should be to focus on promoting your business and building your company’s positive reputation, and good promotional material can help boost your progress in both of those areas. Of course, poorly selected swag may have the opposite effect, so it’s imperative that you’re both judicious (and creative) when investing in promotional items.

What Are Various Promotional Items Used for Business?

It’s likely that somewhere in your desk there’s a graveyard of promotional ball-point pens. At some point, you’ve probably acquired a few corporate keychains, too, all of which were proudly printed with the logo of some company or another. Items like these mark the tired, old options that promotional product items typically consist of. Realistically, the chances are slim that your potential clients and consumers will use koozies or Frisbees on a regular basis.

The key is to select items that have inherent use value and aren’t completely random representations. Using screen printing and digital printing techniques, you can order customized umbrellas, reusable water bottles, notebooks, and mobile chargers. Items like these are not only useful for your clients—they’re something that your potential customers may use at the event itself!

How Do Specialty Promotional Items Benefit My Business?

By supplying your potential consumers with rather utilitarian items, you’ll be subject to their gratitude, and it’s more likely they’ll remember you for the items, promotional though they may be.  Moreover, that water bottle they’re drinking from (or that umbrella they’re taking shelter under during an unexpected storm) acts as free, mobile advertising.

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