Ran across another good article by David Mihm, local search guru, that underscores the positive direction our business model has been taking for some time now, specifically the transition from “print shop” to “marketing services provider” or MSP.  In his article he has identified 14 channels that all have direct and major impact on a business owner’s local marketing reach. That list includes:

  • Website Development
  • Linkbuilding
  • Local Listings (Dominant Local Search)
  • Customer Reviews (Dominant Local Search)
  • PPCkel
  • Facebook (Social Media Networking)
  • Twitter (Social Media Networking)
  • Print/QR Code Integration (Printing)
  • Online Lead Gen Programs
  • Mobile Apps (Mobile Marketing)
  • SMS (Text) Message Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Location-Based Services (Social Media Networking)
  • Daily Deals (Social Media Networking)

A couple of points to make here. First, in order for any small business to acquire a level of competence in the basic functionality of each of these media, a SMB will need a full-time, dedicated person to own these processes.

Second, as David points out very early on in his article,

“in the next three to four years, a small business, at least in an urban market, is probably going to need to play in about 12 of those 14 spaces to be as effective as it needs to be with its online marketing.”

And lastly, take a good look at that list and you’ll realize that we can help you with all 14 of those items. Yep, you can get all 14 of those services from one place. Maybe we should talk some more?


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