At first blush, it may appear as though there is no happy medium between traditional, hand drawn images and digital printing. Digital printing, as its name implies, requires the image to be digitized; traditional mediums such as pencils are acrylics are difficult to successfully photograph, much less digitize them. Thankfully, the convergence of these two worlds is not as complicated as it may seem. There’s a wealth of services online that can help you introduce your hand drawn intellectual property to the world of digital printing.

Hand Drawn Images in Digital Photography Printing

The most direct means of digitizing a hand-drawn image is a scanner. Household scanners are not ideal for this process, since their scanning bed can be too small or unwieldy for some art projects. Moreover, the overall quality of the image may be lost due to the household scanner’s poor output resolution. To counteract these potential difficulties, there are a number of online scanning services that not only digitize your image but also improve it. This means that, as a part of the service, the color balance and saturation of your image will be adjusted, and the output resolution will be high enough to making digital printing a breeze.

Options for Your Images

Digitizing a hand drawn image allows it to fulfill for a wider variety of applications. Your image can be recreated on business cards, printed on canvas to be displayed as art, or blown up into a high-quality poster. Regardless of the use, digital photography printing allows you to give your “old,” hand drawn illustrations new life.


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