Price vs costHow much do wraps cost? Good question. The cost of something is always important from an out-of-pocket, cash-flow, point-of-view.  The cash-out-of pocket answer is simply, about $10-$12 per square foot for car wraps. Box trucks run $8-$10 per square foot. That includes graphic design, vinyl printing/lamination, and installation.

If you can afford that, then the better way to look at it is, what can a wrap do for my business and how much does that cost?

That’s an even better question!

Let’s say your wrap costs $3500 and is expected to last 5 years.   That comes to $2.74 per day, or $13.70/week.  (Now, you know you waste at least that much every day on something so affordability here is not really a problem!)  If your vehicle generates 2 calls a week and your closing skills allow 1 of those to buy from you, where does that leave us?

Well, what’s your average sale?  Let’s say it’s $1,000. Here’s your numbers:

Cost per lead:  $6.85  (Weekly cost/number of leads received)

Cost per sale:  $13.70  (Weekly cost/number of sales)

RMI:   $1,000/$13.70 =  7294%

Not a bad return on your money.  Place $13.70 on the wrap and it pays $1000.

Substitute your  own average sale price in the equation and even if your average sale is only $30 bucks you’re gonna make out like a bandit.

So the real question is not about whether car wraps generate leads and grow your business. It’s, do you have ($3500) and do you have it on ya? Give us a call and let’s work something out for you!

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