With dozens of popular social networking sites spread across the internet, it can be difficult to nail down exactly how many millions of people use social media on a daily basis. The important thing to remember is that if you’re not using some form of social networking to promote your business, you’re most likely behind the competition. Presenting and branding your business through social media is necessary to the continued growth and overall success of your business.

social networking sitesA social networking site is an online service or platform that focuses on the building and sharing of social networks and relationships among individuals or businesses. These networks allow people to share interests, activities and views. While the original purpose of social networking was mainly to connect people, these sites have quickly evolved and are now widely used by businesses to connect with customers and other businesses on a more personal and interactive level.

So which social networking sites will work best for your business? Unfortunately, there isn’t a simple answer or formula. Every social networking site available has its place in the market and provides its own unique value to the user. For example, micro-blogging sites like Twitter work great for spreading breaking news and trends, but messages you may view important to your customers can quickly become lost as Twitter relies heavily on fellow users to spread the word on what they deem ‘newsworthy’. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use Twitter for your business, it simply means you should seek out and follow other Twitter users with similar interests so that you can target them directly and keep your business on the forefront by tweeting interesting content on a daily basis.

Social networking sites rely heavily on the ‘user profile’, which is beneficial to business owners as it allows them to connect with customers on a more personal level by identifying what their customers want, like and don’t like. Through popular social networking sites like Facebook, business owners are able to friend customers, view their profiles, create advertisements and offer services that are more customized.

So how do you attract customers and build a following on social networking sites? The goal for businesses when utilizing social networking sites should be to invite their audience or customers to get to know their brand in ways that traditional forms or marketing and advertising simply don’t allow. Build a following by providing insight into your business, offering deals through social networking and by engaging your customers through the showcasing of the value your specific business provides.

Most importantly, remember social networking should not be used just as a platform to sell, it should be used it as a stepping stone to connect on a more interactive level with your audience. By wishing your customers a ‘Happy Birthday’ on Facebook, re-tweeting important links on Twitter or by bookmarking an interesting blog you think your customers will enjoy, you’re leveraging social networking sites to connect on a more exclusive and individual level that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to do, so use them to your advantage!

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