Pens, coffee mugs, mouse pads, shirts, and tote bags. Promotional Items. Specialty Items. SWAG (That’s “Stuff We All Get” if you’re wondering). Everybody hates to buy it, everybody loves to get free stuff. And it works which is why it’s not going away. You can find our online promotional products catalogs right here.

Your OpportunityPromotional Items for small business

Use Promotional Items in your prospecting efforts. A pen, mouse pad, calendar, or mug on your prospect’s desk is the best way to be “top-of-mind” when your prospect needs to buy something from you and has that, ‘what was his number?” moment.

Vendor/Partner loyalty is a wonderful thing but it has to be earned and that takes time. That’s why your contact information needs to be front and center in your customer’s world, too. Don’t give them the opportunity to stumble upon your competitor’s number in their rolodex while they’re looking for you! You know it happens.

Use promotional items in your sales efforts or next tradeshow. ¬†Sometimes you just need a good “reason” to drop in, right? Pick an item and get in the car. If you need help with this extremely effective technique, see our Sales Coaching page.

Your Call To Action

We have access to literally thousands of companies that sell almost anything you can dream up. From cheap giveaways to expensive corporate gifts, we can get it for you. Give us a call and let’s set up some time to talk about it. We’ll even give you one of those squishy-ball things just for calling. What could be better? ¬†972-788-4266.