Power outtage Sir Speedy Printing Addison

Employee Group Picture

A late afternoon power outage slowed the usually speedy Sir Speedy Printing in Addison, TX!  About 2:45 PM the lights went out, computers powered down and all machinery came to a grinding halt.

Production Manager Mike Pardue immediately took charge and commented, “it’s dark in here!”

Digital Production Manager Martin Stover responded, “Yep.”

The company’s disaster plan was implemented immediately and graphic designer Robert McKee passed out pretzels and assorted chips while long-time CSR, Lance White, fired up the margarita machine. Owner Jim Quinn oversaw the program to ensure that everyone was covered and no more was spent on the program than was absolutely necessary.

Employees converged on the firm’s pre-determined meeting point, the kitchen, (ya’think?) and all hands were accounted for. The picture accompanying this report is the snapshot taken by the company’s disaster-historian, Heather Maloy. The image clearly shows all 17 employees, in the facility’s kitchen, with Happy Hour libations in hand, waiting out the rare but opportune black-out.

Power resumed in the late afternoon. Production returned to normal and the margarita machine was returned to the closet.


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