Sir Speedy AddisonPress releases work. That’s why we use and offer the Press Release Package! Thousands of news organizations troll the online waters everyday for newsworthy information to use on their local, regional and national websites and e-newsletters and they may as well be promoting your business developments. Press releases are treated differently than website content, blog posts or your email newsletter. They’re considered safer content since the intent of a press release is to get distributed.

Press Release Package Benefits

The Press Release Package includes at least four components:

  1. Writing the release
  2. Posting the release online in multiple press release distribution sites
  3. A copy of the pdf file of the finished release.
  4. And finally, the printing of hard-copies for your use.

There is a certain form, style, and point-of-view to keep in mind when writing a release. We incorportate all of those attributes into the finished piece when we draft your press release. Once approved, getting your press release into the hands of the proper people is the next step. One way to accomplish that is to utilize online press release distribution points and we employ a number of them to do just that. The last step is the printed piece. We give you a good number of them to include in your monthly statements, outgoing packages, orders, any way your business normally distributes information to existing accounts and prospects.  Included in the package is a pdf file of your completed release so you can email it, post it on your website or any number of creative ways you might wish to get the message out there.

Your Next Step

Press releases have a cumulative effect when done consistently and posted online in the proper places. The backlinks developed help your website’s SEO efforts in a number of ways and repetitive announcements of your company’s progress helps develop your brand in the collective mind of the market.

Call 972-788-4266 and ask for one of our marketing consultants right now, and tell them you’d like to know more about the Press Release Package program.