Confused about Mobile Marketing? So is everyone else! Mobile Marketing is in its infancy and is constantly changing so don’t feel bad if you thought you understood it yesterday but aren’t so sure about that today.

What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile Marketing for small business.Mobile Marketing is the concept that channels that we have traditionally consumed in a certain way (think TV set to watch TV, a radio to listen to radio, again your TV to watch a movie, your laptop to watch YouTube videos, or your desktop to do your personal finances) can now be funneled to your Smart-Phone or other portable device (iPads, et al). Content from all distribution channels is funneled to and through your portable, mobile, device; Mobile Marketing.

Head swimming yet?

The Future of Mobile Marketing?

We probably have another 2-3 years of fast-paced development in the area of mobile marketing before the dust begins to settle on the infrastructure development but that surely doesn’t preclude you from utilizing the marketing opportunity right now. Mobile Marketing makes use of custom videos, your email campaigns, SMS Text Messaging, even your website.

Is Mobile Marketing For You?

One of our Marketing Consultants can meet with you and help you optimize your marketing efforts to take advantage of the growing trend to consume content and services on mobile devices. Don’t miss the train. A portion of your market is already trying to access you through mobile devices. Really.