Poor customer service is a problem in this country, but at Sir Speedy Printing Addison you can have good quality work, on time, with a good service attitude. Customer service training doesn’t work because good customer service is an outgrowth of an employee’s thoughts and feelings about his work. Our printing facility prides itself on happy employees which translates directly into above average customer service.

Poor Service: Case in Point

Moments ago a young lady called and inquired as to whether or not we could complete a job for her by Monday morning. Seems she has a tradeshow to attend and is up against a deadline. Not an unusual request. She went on to explain that the facility she’s been dealing with for quite some time had just informed her that, they were “too busy” to accomodate her request.

Rail all you want about the lousy state of customer service in America but it does have its silver lining. Every time the uninformed dish out a response like the one above, it presents another opportunity for me to increase my business. We will never, ever, tell someone we can’t get their job done in time. There’s always a way to get it done.

A business is not four walls and the furniture within, it’s you! It’s not the highly polished image your marketing department carefully crafts for public consumption, it’s you. It’s not the bottomless budget you have to spend on R&D, it’s you.

Corporations routinely spend millions of dollars in print media, direct marketing, radio and TV advertising all just to get the phone to ring. And it all goes right down the porcelain water device when someone answers the phone and recites what it is their business “can’t” do for the caller.

Too bad for America that more people just don’t have the “can-do” spirit towards their customers. Just keep telling ‘em what you can’t do and send ‘em my way! We’ll keep on giving people what they want, when they want it. How hard can this be??

Interviewing New Accounts: Must Require Good Customer Service

We’re currently interviewing new accounts. You must be interested in good quality work ,done at a fair price, and consistently done on time (we’re not the cheapest but that allows us to hire and pay the best people we can find and buy equipment to do the kind of marketing a small business would like to be able to do). We deliver on time so, if you pay your bills on time we may be a good match!


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