Remember when email was new? That was over 10 years ago! But don’t let that fool you into thinking that email marketing is passe. Email marketing is still very effective when used in the right circumstances, and one of the most cost-effective methods of marketing still available.

Your OpportunityEmail marketing for small business.

Email’s strong suit is the management of your customer base; Growth and Retention. While email can be used for Acquisition of new accounts that’s generally a strategy involving very large numbers of recipients with a broad message associated, and we all know where that leads. SPAM.

Growth and Retention, on the other hand, are targeted at smaller, well-defined group of recipients, your customers, for highly targeted reasons. They’re more like letters from home than unwanted junk mail and so receive a better response. And that’s the whole point.

Your Call To Action

Utilizing email in your marketing strategy requires a skill set that includes graphic design, copywriting (for email which is different than postcards which is different than brochures which is different than…), html coding, data services, an understanding of segmentation of data, and response tracking. So if you think Outlook will do the trick, think again.

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