Direct Marketing is a category of marketing services. It’s that group of channels that takes a marketing message directly to a pre-determined prospect as opposed to a scatter-shoot, hit-and-miss approach. Sometimes the term is used to mean, “direct mail” but the two are not the same; direct mail is a sub-set of the direct marketing category. Direct Marketing can take the form of a stand-alone channel effort or combine multiple channels to achieve the desired result. Some of the Direct Marketing services we offer include:

Direct MailDirect Marketing for SMB

The oldest form of direct marketing and still effective! Contrary to popular myth, direct mail is not dead. Various reports over the past 10 years have predicted the demise of direct mail but the real numbers indicate that while the volume of snail-mail per person has decreased, we’re making people at a faster rate than we’re losing them so the overall volume of direct mail is still holding strong.

Don’t count direct mail out. It has its place in your Direct Marketing campaign.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing’s strength is in customer retention and customer growth. Use email marketing to stay in touch with your customers, increase your share of customer, and develop your email and sms database lists. Like direct mail, email will be with us for a long while to come and has its targeted application in your direct marketing campaigns.

SMS Text Message Marketing

SMS Text Messaging has broad applications in direct marketing. Opt-in lists enable a more direct link to your prospect and customers’ smart-phones and allow a more immediate contact that way. Text messages have a faster read-rate, and a higher read-rate than does email! Send alerts, coupons, links, QR Codes, almost anything you can think of can be communicated through an SMS Text Message.

What’s Next?

A calculated approach to designing a direct marketing campaign for you is the next step. We have marketing consultants that can help you do just that. Pick up the phone, call 972-788-4266 and ask to speak with one of our Marketing Consultants. The call is free!