Every Door Direct Mail and Sir Speedy Printing AddisonWith the Every Door Direct Mail program you do not need a mailing list. Instead of mailing to specific recipients, you mail to specific carrier routes and every address within that route gets a copy of your mailer.

You are free to mail to any area of your choosing. The USPS maintains a website for the EDDM program on which you are given several different options for selecting the carrier routes to be mailed to. You may choose by city, zip code, radius, or single address. The latter option asks you to input (probably) your business address and a radius that you wish to cover in your mailing. From there you may drill down even further to the carrier route level and select specific routes. The website keeps track of how many pieces there are and tells you if you’ve gone over the maximum 5000 per day limit. Print out the simple paperwork and you’re ready to head to the post office to drop off your EDDM¬†mailers (assuming you’ve already printed your postcards). Since the postcard no longer requires a mailing address the two segments involved in the¬†EDDM process, printing of postcards and preparing post office paperwork, are disengaged. That is, it doesn’t matter if you print postcards first or do the paperwork first. Just get them both completed, drop the mailer off at the post office and you’re done!

Utilization of the post office’s website for the Every Door Direct Mail program is free.

The EDDM program allows you to mail to residential only recipients in any carrier route. You may also mail to both commercial and residential customers but you are not allowed to mail to commercial only.

On any given day you may mail as few as 200 pieces through the Every Door Direct Mail program, and as many as 5000. If you mail all 5000 in one day then you need one set of paperwork for that mailer, if all mail-pieces are delivered from the same retail postal facility. A retail postal facility is the post office in your neighborhood that last handles your mail before it is delivered to you. If you mail 5000 pieces and there are 3 different postal facilities involved in the final delivery (don’t worry, the USPS website will telly ou this and it will print out on the paperwork) then you will need a set of paper-work for each of the three facilities and you will need to deliver the mail yourself to each of those three post offices. The reason the postage is so low on this program is because you’re doing part of what the post office normally does when you pay full price postage; deliver the mail from a main hub to the local postal outlets for final delivery.

You can find out more about the Every Door Direct Mail program online through the USPS website or you may contact Sir Speedy Addison at 972-788-4266 and ask to speak to a marketing rep.

Benefits of utilizing this program include a lower per piece and overall postage cost, increased coverage of a given mailing area, and a higher ROI number since your cost numbers have been reduced in that equation. If you draft a good marketing message, include the proper incentive and write a compelling call-to-action then you might see your respone rate go up. Coupled with the previous factors that should afford a significant improvement in your overall return on any EDDM project.

Every Door Direct Mail is delivered in the same time-frame as first class mail. Typically you’ll see it delivered within 2-3 days after dropping it off at the post office. This means you can time the delivery to coincide with promotion dates and other important milestones.

You pay for the postage when you drop the mail off at the post office. Your print provider has nothing to do with the postage now unless you’re paying him to drop it off at the post office for you.

You should realize some very nice processing fee savings through the Every Door Direct Mail program because mailing fees charged for list processing, list printing, CASS pre-sorting and other things required by the USPS, are not required in the EDDM program. No list to purchase and processing fees are almost entirely eliminated.


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