Is direct mail dead? Uh, no.

Direct mail is still very effective and here’s a couple of very good reasons why:

  • The number of competitive channels vying for your prospect’s attentionDirect mail opportunities for small business. has grown almost exponentially in the past 15 years.
  • It’s cool to be “green”.
  • We’re still battling a recession that finds most small businesses watching every nickel.

How does that make direct mail more effective? All of these points reduce the volume of marketing mail received by your prospect thereby increasing the level of attention paid to the remaining pieces of mail in the daily stack. Here’s two more:

  • Despite the “paperless office” predictions, people still like to hold a piece of paper in their hands.
  • Can’t send samples or gifts through electronic media.

There are basic human preferences that people will never give up regardless of how cool the next electronic gadget may be (think newspapers vs. website versions, ebooks vs. the “heft” of a traditional book). ┬áIf you mail as a part of your overall marketing plan, pray for more gadgets because each one reduces the volume of direct mail which increases the attention a consumer places on any one piece of your mail.

Your Opportunity

Include direct mail in your outreach campaigns. Use it to acquire new accounts. Use it to grow existing accounts and definitely use it to retain the ones you already have. Plain and simple, it still works and the results are getting incrementally better.

Your Call To Action

Yes, we can help you with all phases of your direct mail campaigns from the proper architecture for a direct-mail piece, to design, to mailing presort services, to production and finally delivery to the USPS for routing to your target recipients. And we can help you track the results with our Small Business Dashboards program.

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