Digital Printing CategoriesIn the digital printing age, putting an image cleanly to just about any substrate for marketing purposes, at a reasonable price, is the order of the day. With several format sizes to choose from, small format, large format and grand format, your digital printing expert is ready to bring you high quality printing at an affordable price. To get an idea of where to begin and which format to choose from, you must first look at some of the format sizes to determine which size fits your needs. You will also want to do some comparative shopping because the equipment used to print your product should be of proper size to gain maximum fitting. Choosing between small format, large format and grand format is quite distinguishable.

Small Format: The types of printing you may want to consider, whether in black and white or 8-color you will surely reap the benefit of using the small format size. For example a few of the types of digital printing included in small format size are; Tickets, small pictures, labels, small advertising mailers and much more. With the small format comes a greatly reduced production time and cost as jobs are gang printed per impression and deliver up to as many as 500 copies per single sheet. All digital printing presses have the ability to produce high quality copy in this format.

Large Format: With large format printing the attention to quality and detail is important. The production time is longer when compared to the small format. You can expect to use this style format when printing for marketers needs. A few of the following products would be typical using large format printers: Posters, wall paper, retail store displays, banners, trade show graphics and much more. The digital printing equipment employed printing in this size will be larger than that of the small format size. You can expect these printers to be up to 60 inches wide. You will certainly want to shop around to find a quality digital printing company that will have the latest equipment and can deliver the size and quality you expect.

Grand Format: When images are produced in the grand format size, you expect to print to grand scale size. Today’s grand format printers are massive and fast. Marketers of media are the typical users of grand format digital printing and require vast surfaces to on. You can expect to use vinyl as the common substrate although paper can be implimented for indoor purposes. Where once this scale of printing was commonly employed for outdoor marketers needs, today these printers are capable of producing very high quality for indoor purposes. You can expect to use this size format for the following applications: Bill boards, Buses, building wraps, murals, window graphics and more.

The digital printing age is still very young and new innovative ideas are formulated to meet the demands of the marketing and media industry. Everyone from the individual to small business to large marketing firms to the media is hungry for new applications to fill their needs and digital printing is there ready to take on comers.


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