How can we help you grow your business with data services? We have several ways to help you:

List Purchase

Need a list? For direct mail, phone prospecting, or some other purpose we can help you find it. If you need demographic information, we can get it or help you define it. Need psychographic data to refine your list purchase? We have that as well. If you need to buy a list, you know who to call.

Database/List ProfilingData Services

Do you know the industry make-up of your database? How about your customer list? Do you know the demographics? How about the psychographics of your various databases? If you don’t know what your database “looks” like how will you know where to go for more of them? Database, or list profiling is the process of taking your current (customer) list and having it analyzed to determine those variables: demographics, psychographics, industry, etc. If you know the exact profile of your best customers you can then target more of them and increase the probability of landing more new accounts and closing more deals. You’ll also know the profile of your least profitable accounts so that you can stay away from more of them!

Database Management

Database management can be tedious, boring, and consume volumes of time. It is the heart of your business’ growth plan, however, so it has to be done. You’ll need a long-term db strategy; we can help you develop that. Then you’ll need someone to manage it for you. We can help you with that, too. ┬áThis function is critical to the growth of your business and you’ll need a partner that takes it as seriously as you do.

Data Input

Sometimes you have data in a non-electronic format that needs to be manually input into a database. We can help you with that, too.

Data Segmentation

You need to be able to segment the data in your master database into groups that make sense for your marketing and sales efforts. No sense in mailing cat-food coupons to dog owners! Segmentation can be relatively simple but your database needs to be set up properly in order to do that. We can help you determine how to do that. Your next account, your next sale, is in your database. Do you know how to find it? Give us a call and let’s talk about your database and how we can help you find that next account. Talking’s free!