Branded email marketing and Sir Speedy AddisonYou send out thousands of marketing emails each month and they generate new business, but what about the employee-generated emails that are sent every day? Employee-generated email accounts for 60-80% or more of the total email volume produced by your firm. And that means that as much as 80% of your company’s email is not generating new revenue for you.

Maybe it’s time you considered branding your employee-generated email. Three things happen in the branding of employee email. A banner is added, the signature area is standardized, and a corporate disclaimer is added. The banner can house multiple links to various web landing pages. The signature is completely customizable as is the disclaimer. There are several good applications for branded email.

One, educate your existing clientele about additional products and services you may offer. Did we mention that click-throughs on the banners are trackable? You’ll know who clicked, where they went, and even be notified by email in real-time.

Two, customer service departments can utilize branded email to upsell, too, but banners can lead to helpful self-service areas on your website for future reference.

Three, the accounting department can employ banners that remind clients of key due dates and other helpful information you might expect to get from that department.

And let’s don’t forget the sales department. Someone express an interest on the phone about a product or service you offer? Send a follow-up email with a banner on that topic so you can gauge their interest level if they click through. If your fluent in Google Analytics you can track the time they spent on your website and where they went. You’ll even know how many people were sent to your site via the branded email banners.

If you’re not using branded email to grow your business then you’re firing blanks. Email blanks. This program is extremely affordable and has an administrative back-end so you can monitor activities of each user, or pay us to do it for you. Call now and ask a marketing consultant to send you an email so you can take a look. It works!