A/B Testing is a testing methodology not limited exclusively to the web. The online world uses it extensively to test web pages, landing pages, emails and such to see which version out-performs another. Here’s how it works:

A landing page is built. A copy of it with one element change is made and both pages are subjected to live traffic. Whichever one “converts” the most traffic, or put another way, posts the best record of accomplishing the primary objective for that experiment, is the winner.

The loser is banished and another copy of the current champion is cloned, again, with one change made to a specific element. The test is run again, the winner kept, and yet another replacement competitor is recruited to face the lions in the arena. It’s all part of something larger called the Continuous Improvement Process.

That’s what A/B Testing is, and those are the main tenets of its implementation. We can help you set up an A/B Testing program for your marketing campaigns on either a consultation basis ($125/hr, 1-hr minimum) or we can run the program for you on a 1-off or on-going basis.

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